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Amberside ALP is giving investors the opportunity to buy fixed rate ISA qualifying retail bonds and benefit from tax free income generated by loans to infrastructure projects. ALP is backed by specialists including Amberside Capital and CH1 Investment Partners. The experienced team conduct professional due diligence on every transaction, provide a clear understanding and suitable mitigation of the risks involved and support borrowers not served well by major high street banks. Retail bonds can also be known as mini bonds. Your capital is at risk when investing. Please read our Risk Warnings.



Investment through Amberside ALP places your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. It is important that you read and understand all Risk Warnings before investing. All information provided is accurate to the best of Amberside ALP’s knowledge, however cannot be relied upon as investment advice. We recommend you talk to a qualified financial adviser before making an investment decision. Investments are only available to certain specified persons who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the relevant risks.