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Why Amberside?

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A different approach

Amberside ALP has identified a gap in the market for senior debt lending into infrastructure projects that are either too large for the corporate lending arms of banks, or too small for their project finance arms. By focussing on this market, we can obtain the levels of risk traditional banks take, with slightly higher returns.

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An experienced team

The management team have extensive experience of managing both individual infrastructure projects and institutional fund management. The team have managed investments of over £2bn in infrastructure, solar, commercial property and UK asset backed lending over the last 15 years.

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Backed by specialists

Amberside ALP is backed by Amberside Capital and CH1 Investment Partners. We are able to call on over 50 individuals within the Amberside Group, who are relied upon by institutional debt funds and high street banks to undertake due diligence on their infrastructure debt transactions.

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Investor Scenarios

Amberside ALP is available to corporate investors looking to generate income from cash reserves held by a company. We recognise that your corporate clients need to be able to react quickly, so our flexible term bond allows access to funds with a month’s notice whilst providing a higher rate of interest than is typically available on easy access corporate bank accounts.

The 2017/18 tax year saw Cash ISA subscriptions of £39.8 billion, despite inflation outstripping returns on these savings. If your clients are comfortable with the risk level, these funds could be redeployed into ALP bonds in order to generate returns that remain fixed but are stronger than those available in a Cash ISA.

Amberside ALP investors can generate a return from interest paid on underlying loans, with bondholders taking security by way of a charge over the underlying assets of each and every borrower.  Structured products likewise offer a return based on the performance of an underlying asset (usually an index such as the FTSE 100), and have protection available in the form of a barrier that serves to reduce the risk of loss of capital. Amberside ALP bonds allow investors to derive a return from infrastructure projects rather than financial markets, and offer downside protection by way of security over tangible assets rather than a barrier. Therefore ALP bonds could complement a structured product portfolio with further diversification of underlying assets for investors. 

Direct lending is an alternative asset class that many investment portfolios currently lack. Investment in ALP provides uncorrelated returns backed by loans to infrastructure projects, a market that your clients may not currently have significant exposure to.

All of the Amberside ALP bonds are fixed rate for the entire term, so returns are uncorrelated to market movements. With current nervousness about potential overvaluation of the stock market, your clients may be keen to reduce their exposure to market risk with an investment in ALP.

All of ALP’s diversified bonds offer the option to take interest payments semi-annually to help your clients generate additional income in retirement.

Independent Review

Don't take our word for it. To see an independent review of Amberside ALP produced by in:review for financial advisers, please click here.