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Why Amberside?

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Amberside ALP is an online platform which allows you to easily open an ISA and invest in our bonds. Investments in our Sterling Suffolk bond (Tomato ISA) are used to fund a glasshouse which hydroponically grows premium variety tomatoes. The first harvest from the greenhouse is now available in supermarkets.

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ISA Qualifying

Investments can be made inside or outside of our ISA. £20,000 invested into our 8.5% Sterling Suffolk bond on 1st February 2019 would return over £5,500 in interest upon maturity in January 2022. Interest can be paid tax-free if you invest through our Tomato ISA. Your capital is at risk and dependent on the performance of Sterling Suffolk Limited.

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An experienced team

The management team have extensive experience of managing both individual infrastructure projects and institutional fund management. The team have managed investments of over £2bn in infrastructure, solar, commercial property and UK asset backed lending over the last 15 years.

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Tomato Bonds



Sterling Suffolk Bond Maturing January 2022 with Interest Paid on Maturity



Sterling Suffolk Bond Maturing January 2022 with Interest Paid Semi-Annually