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What We Do



Amberside ALP is giving investors the opportunity to buy ISA qualifying bonds and benefit from tax free income generated by loans to infrastructure projects. ALP is backed by Amberside Capital and CH1 Investment Partners. ALP is not regulated by the FCA.

The experienced team conduct professional due diligence on every transaction, provide a clear understanding and suitable mitigation of the risks involved and support borrowers not served well by major high street banks. Amberside ALP have a pipeline of solar parks, grid support facilities, effluent treatment plants and other similar infrastructure projects.

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Our Approach

ALP lends to infrastructure projects and other similar asset-backed schemes with predictable long term revenue streams. We have identified a sector of the market, loans below £20 million, which is poorly served by banks and the other usual providers of project finance for infrastructure assets.

We are usually the senior lender to a project, which means in the event of a default ALP has the first call over the assets of the borrower, which can be used to recover the debt. By targeting a niche market, ALP can obtain returns on senior debt that infrastructure funds deliver on higher risk equity.

0% (£nil) of the capital raised will be paid out in costs, fees, charges and commissions and other expenses to any third party

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Our Team

Our Backers

Although Amberside ALP is run and controlled by FCA regulated entities, Amberside ALP itself is an unregulated company and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Amberside Capital

Amberside Capital is an FCA regulated fund manager, with the mandate of bringing the rigour of institutional fund management to the retail investment market. Amberside Capital is part of the Amberside Group, which provides access to a large team of financial analysts, technical due diligence, accounting and back-office support.

The Amberside Group has advised on approximately £5bn of infrastructure debt on behalf of senior debt funds and high street banks. The group has modelled over 800 infrastructure companies to enhance debt reporting and monitoring.

CH1 Investment Partners

CH1 Investment Partners are an Appointed Representative of HRi investments Ltd, an FCA regulated entity. CH1 was founded to provide HNWIs access to unlisted investment opportunities in both infrastructure assets and SMEs.

Partners have raised in excess of £400m for these opportunities, including £125m since the formation of CH1 in January 2017. Both Matthew and Richard sit on boards of infrastructure businesses spanning sectors including Solar PV, Anaerobic Digestion and commercial real estate.